Cousin Dan

To say that Cousin Dan is a unique individual is an understatement. He was born a full grown man with a mustache that makes the ladies weak in the knees. He’s a white R&B singer/gunshot survivor that can usually be seen around town wearing jorts and ripped off sleeveless shirts. His sound is on the borderline of brilliant fusing new wave, auto-tune funk, and electro pop in a way that only inspires greatness.

Utilizing his own personal dance floor equipped with fog machines and lights, Cousin Dan sings, plays, and creates killer beats while shooting lazers from his fingertips and bouncing them off of his mirrored codpiece that compliments his leopard skin leggings. 

My favorite song is called “F Bomb” and it available on BUTR Vol. 8: Songs About Love & Seduction. Watch the video below to get a taste of how ridiculously awesome he is. Cousin Dan may just be one of the most interesting men in the world.

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