Nashville-based singer-songwriter ShannonSLB Press Pic 2 LaBrie‘s sophomore album War & Peace is out this Friday, April 1, 2016.

LaBrie turns her focus to contemporary America and emotional turmoil on War & Peace. LaBrie’s rich voice anchors the record, atop layers of acoustic guitars, as well as sometimes bursts of electric for emphasis, but the real focus is on the vocal melodies. Songs like “Heaven Crashed Down” and “Alcohol” put painful emotions on display, while “Weight of Your Words” might feature her strongest vocal performance on the album, and “Then There’s You” features a jazzy love duet with Gabe Dixon. 

Paste Magazine premiered the single “It’s Political” a month ago and said “With instrumentals that sound like they could have come straight from Jenny LewisThe Voyager, “It’s Political” is a song about despair and loss of faith in government.  “Politicians today make President Lincoln look like a fairy tale,” said LaBrie. “These days it’s all power and manipulation. Meanwhile, I’m out here starving for the truth! It’s the weakness in me that wants to give up and bury my hope of ever having an honest president who stands for what’s right. I see glimpses of hope but, in the end, once the elected steps foot in the White House, they close the door on us. They are after a pot of gold, and in the end, we have to pay for their greed. I guess I’m just another millennial longing for the voice of Honest Abe.”

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