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The (P)rehab Mixtape. is a straight up genre-bending, energy-infused mix of disco lights, forgetful nights and late-night riptides.  It’s the strongest cocktail of musical rock, indie and roaring guitars we could shake up for you.  So pick up that favorite six-pack, head to the lake, the porch, the hammock—whatever you fancy—and download this mix for free courtesy of Brite Revolution: http://www.briterevolution.com/prehab/

And for all the rainy days in May, we bring you a mix tape that will match the weather and perhaps just brighten your day.  So sit back, cuddle up, and enjoy Brite’s first mix, hand-picked by me, download the Rainy Days Mixtape for free right here right now: http://www.briterevolution.com/mixtape/