Thank God my Clash magazine came in the mail and I happened to read that Razorlight released a new album in the UK almost 2 months ago on Nov. 3rd! How did this escape my radar I love this band?!

Razorlight released their third studio album, Slipway Fires, on November 3rd 2008 with the lead single, “Wire To Wire”, being released on October 20th 2008.

The band have confirmed that the next single to be taken from Slipway Fires will be “Hostage of Love”; it is due to be released on January 12th 2009.

Everyone this is a must if you love art & music, please check out Razorlight’s website:

You can navigate the entire website while watching all their videos. Yes some parts may be hard to read and it might not be crawler friendly, but it’s a cool concept.

The second I hit the website, I was hooked by the music and Johnny Borrell! If you have never seen them live, seriously their live performances are over-the-top amazing, think freddie mercury.

Can someone please tell me when this album is coming out in the U.S.? I can’t find any site online reporting this info. If they no longer have a U.S. label, I would be happy to release and market this ablum. It is an absolute must buy not-to-mention the band rules the school live!