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Rdio: A Very Indie Xmas
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BUTR Vol. 13: A Very Indie Xmas 2
1. Remy Zero – Someday At Christmas
2. The Greg Mayo Band – Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday (William Bell cover)
3. The Stone Lonesome – Holiday Road
4. Julie Roberts – Who Needs Mistletoe
5. The Kicks – Santa Clause Is Coming to the USA
6. Triggers – A Very Triggers Christmas
7. Lex Land – This Year’s Santa Baby
8. John Lindberg Trio – Santa’s Gettin’ Ready For December
9. Harper Blynn – Christmas Ain’t No Good Without You
10. Mary Sarah – Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree (feat. The Martin Family Circus)
11. Nathan Roberts & The New Birds – I Don’t Want To Be Alone This Christmas
12. Harmony Roads – O Come, Emmanuel



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BUTR Vol. 9: Nashville, TN
1. Seth Philpott – Nashville
2. Moon Taxi – Caberet
3. Goodbye June – Daisy
4. Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes – Phantoms
5. Brendan Benson – Bad for Me
6. Rossi – Ossetia
7. The Hawk In Paris – Freaks
8. Hot Action Cop – House of Pain
9. Ponychase – Friends
10. Andrew Ripp – Falling For The Beat
11. Escondido – Black Roses
12. Matthew Perryman Jones – I Won’t Let You Down Again
13. Jeffrey James – All I Need Is You
14. Butterfly Boucher – I Wanted To Be The Sun
15. The Harmaleighs – Last One Standing
16. Modoc – No Use
17. Jameson Elder – Pony Ride
18. General Ghost – Give Me To The Waves
19. Jacob Thomas Jr. – Justine
20. Juhi – Monoxide
21. Ghost Wars – Swear
22. Oaklynn – Shady Lady
23. John Salaway – Happy?
24. Them Vibes – Lorelei
25. Korby Lenker – If I Prove False to You
26. The Kicks – It Ain’t Easy



Today I’m excited to announce that BUTR has partnered with BitTorrent to bring you stellar up and coming new music from buzzworthy artists. BitTorrent has launched an app store similar to the iTunes app store but everything is free (and legal)!! So for all you BitTorrent fans out there now you will get to download lots of free music hand-picked by me!  Whether you’re into funky riffs, stadium anthems or you’re on the hunt for the next Radiohead there is something for everyone. Read all about the launch of the BUTR app on BitTorrent featuring the 13 artists listed below.

If you have never downloaded music before via BitTorrent you will need to install the uTorrent client .  If you already have the client installed make sure it’s updated with the latest version (2.2.1) so you have access to the app store.  You can also browse the BitTorrent store online but if you have a PC  the store will appear in the left hand column of your uTorrent client as pictured below:
















It’s important to note that the BitTorrent app store is only available on PCs at this time.  It will launch on Macs later this year. If you are on a Mac (or PC) and have the uTorrent client already installed click on each artist name below and the torrent file will automatically appear in your client and start downloading the album.  I plan to add more artists to the BUTR app via the BitTorrent store every month!

Approximately 120 million use BitTorrent every month so this is a great way to expose your music to an enormous built-in audience.  If you want to submit music for consideration to be featuring in the BUTR app email Kami at

The 13 featured artists in the BUTR app with links to their corresponding torrent:

Lovedrug – For fans of Modest Mouse, Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, Kings of Leon, Mercury Rev
Ringside – For fans of U2, Ben Harper, The Doors, Depeche Mode, John Lennon
The Daylights – For fans of Doves, Muse, The Killers, Coldplay, U2
Slow Motion Centerfold – For fans of The Strokes, Cage The Elephant, RHCP, Bloc Party
The Ruse – For fans of U2, Death Cab for Cutie, The Killers, Coldplay, King of Leon
Neulore – For fans of Mumford & Sons, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Coldplay, NEEDTOBREATHE
Gabrahm Vitek – For fans of Arcade Fire, Spoon, Dave Matthews Band, Janelle Monae
The Kicks – For Fans Of The Black Crows, Needtobreathe, Gavin Degraw, Jellyfish, Aerosmith
The Co – For fans of The Fray, OneRepublic, The Script, Augustana, Needtobreathe
The Last Royals – For fans of Beck, The Killers, Cake, Matt & Kim, Phoenix
René Breton – For fans of Coldplay, Radiohead, Grizzly Bear, Fleet Foxes, Local Natives
Jen Gloeckner – For fans of Portishead, Bjork, PJ Harvey, Nina Simone, Bat For Lashes
DEERPEOPLE – For fans of Other Lives, Colourmusic, The Boom Bang, Broncho, Brother Bear

Listen to 1 song from the 13 featured artists below:




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BUTR Vol. 2
1. Gemma Ray – (You Got Me In A) Death Roll
2. The Hollywood Ten – Scarot Fiet
3. Remy Zero – ‘Til The End
4. Mikky Ekko – Monster
5. JP, Chrissie & The Fairground Boys – If You Let Me
6. Shiver Fox – I’ll Be Gone
7. Gemma Ray – I’d Rather Go Blind
8. Hellogoodbye – Finding Something To Do
9. The Kicks – Hawk Eyes
10. Jason Spooner – Time Is Running Out
11. The Parlotones – Push Me To The Floor
12. The 88 – Center of the Sun
13. John Garrison – I Leave On Friday
14. Andrew Combs – Too Stoned To Cry
15. The Kicks – This Feeling

Highlights from the digital compilation:

  • 2 vintage pop sounding songs from British artist Gemma Ray who even Jimmy Page raves about
  • 1 song from Remy Zero, a band invited by Radiohead to be part of the US tour for The Bends and picked by Zach Braff to be on the Garden State soundtrack
  • 1 song from Chrissie Hynde, lead singer of The Pretenders, new project JP, Chrissie & The Fairground Boys
  • 1 song from power pop Californians Hellogoodbye, a band you may recognize from The Warped Tour
  • 1 song from South African band The Parlotones who fills arenas in their homeland and performed at Live Earth
  • 1 song from The 88 who have released 5 albums with many songs appearing on your favorite TV shows
  • 1 song that is playing on XM Sirius or Starbucks locations nationwide from singer/songwriter Jason Spooner
  • 1 song from the band Shiver Fox who’s lighting up the phone lines and getting significant airplay in Fresno, CA
  • 1 song from an album that sours and shimmers by UK musician John Garrison currently based in Denmark
  • 5 songs from Nashville-based rising stars The Kicks, Mikky Ekko, The Hollywood Ten, & Andrew Combs