Rolling List Of BUTR Mentions & Reviews

Chicks With Guns: Reviews artists featured in Podcast #38 (Part 1). (11/28/09)

BUTR Press Release: BUTR Introduces first direct-to-fan digital playlist label, BUTR music podcast celebrates 5 year anniversary, BUTR launches newly created subscription service offering fans 100 songs for only $10. (11/16/09)

Hypebot calls BUTR a worthy click. (11/12/09)

RouteNote Blog highlights the fact that BUTR is trying to help unsigned bands. (11/12/09)

Billboard Biz mentions that BUTR has a new spin on the subscription model by offering an innovative take on both download sales and subscription models. (11/11/09)

Phoenix Examiner published an article about Best Podcast for Summer Drives. It features BUTR next to NPR’s “All Things Considered” podcast. “… mostly you will hear songs that get your toe tapping or heart breaking, and you will wonder just who it is by. And yes, go ahead and pat yourself on the back for recognizing a ‘band under the radar’ before Kami tells you who it was.” (07/02/09)