Paris Hilton’s Comeback as a Pop Princess
Another Winning Song Will Be Released in October 2013

Paris Hilton is definitely living her dream as she continues to focus on each of her passions – from being a bingo caller and a reality TV star to becoming a resident DJ and business woman. The American heiress also took the throne of being a pop princess back in 2006. That’s the time she released her debut album “Paris”, which carried the hit song “Stars Are Blind”. It took a while before Paris returned to the music business, but she is now ready to show everyone a “Good Time” together with Lil Wayne.

The news of Paris Hilton’s comeback as a pop princess first came out in her Twitter account. She tweeted, “Happy to finally announce the official release date of my new single/music video for my song #GoodTime w/ @LilTunechi OCTOBER 1ST! #MCMB.” The latest buzz became a hot topic not only in Twitter and other popular social networking sites, but also in’s interactive community since Paris is known to be a bingo enthusiast as well. The socialite was spotted playing bingo in Los Angeles a couple of times and she even became a bingo caller in several events hosted by Legendary Bingo.

Aside from getting involved in charity bingo events, Paris is also busy spinning the records at Amnesia since she is now one of the resident DJs of this popular nightclub in Ibiza. Juggling between bingo and DJing, Paris continues to aim higher even if her product line already earned more than $1.5 billion. She’s planning to open her first hotel in the Philippines in the near future, which means more cash for her.

Speaking of cash, Paris’ new album under Lil Wayne’s Cash Money record label just might give her back the title of being a pop princess. She said in an interview with MTV, “Music has always been a big passion of mine, but I’ve just been so busy with everything else. But I’ve recorded some incredible songs, EDM-influenced, electro-pop, and working with very talented producers.” Paris began shooting her music video for “Good Time” last July, but there’s still no definite date for its release. But fans of Paris Hilton can start downloading her latest song on iTunes as early as October 1.