Hey guys, sorry I haven’t recorded a new podcast in months I’ve been busier than ever!!  And I’ve been listening to more music than ever before I have so much to share with you! Since I don’t have much time to record these days, I’ve been adding all my juicy finds to my Spotify playlists.  On Spotify you can see daily what I listen to and discover all you have to do is Subscribe and Follow Me on Spotify!  

So what has been keeping me busy this year is my new passion project I’m managing called ELECTRO SHINE!!!  ELECTRO SHINE is a musical circus with multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated recording artist Big Kenny as the Ringmaster. Bringing together a fusion of the most talented artists in genres like EDM, Americana, country, reggae, rock, pop, and hip-hop, Big Kenny calls it “The New Movement of Muzika Without Prejudice.” Electro Shine is where DJs and musicians meet. You can’t put this sound in a box.

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ELECTRO SHINE features multi-talented artists such as Ky-Mani Marley and his son KJ, son and grandson of reggae icon, Bob Marley; Cowboy Troy, country hick-hop rapper; Megan Mullins, singer, dancer, and fiddle virtuoso; as well as Dave Stewart on guitar, another music ringmaster, and strings duo ChessBoxer.

Listen to ELECTRO SHINE – The Hits, Vol. 1 on Soundcloud, YouTubeor Spotify and catch them live in Nashville this Friday at Anthem it’ll be a show you won’t want to miss!!