I have been meaning to blog about this for the past 15 weeks but if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you probably already know!  So BUTR has a weekly segment on South Africa’s largest rock station, 5FM, as part of Jon Savage’s Power Nite of Rock program.  This show reaches millions of listeners in South Africa and anyone in the world can tune in online via their spiffy website.

Jon Savage is the killer DJ and lead singer of Cassette that invited me to be a part of his show.  You can listen live every Thursday at 4/3pm CST.  If you miss the broadcast below are streams from past shows along with the list of artists I featured.

Week 2: Broken Bells “High Road” + Dirty Sweet “You’ve Been Warned”
[audio:http://www.bandsundertheradar.com/Downloads/5FM/2.mp3|titles=Broken Bells + Dirty Sweet]

Week 3: Magic Wands “Black Magic” + The Ruse “I Can’t Stop”
[audio:http://www.bandsundertheradar.com/Downloads/5FM/3.mp3|titles=Magic Wands + The Ruse]

Week 4: The xx “Shelter” + Lissy Trullie “Self-Taught Learner”
[audio:http://www.bandsundertheradar.com/Downloads/5FM/4.mp3|titles=The xx + Lissy Trullie]

Week 4: Foxy Shazam “A Dangerous Man” + The Rouge “Six Shooter”
[audio:http://www.bandsundertheradar.com/Downloads/5FM/5.mp3|titles=Foxy Shazam + The Rouge]

Week 6: Mumford & Sons “White Blank Page” + Saint Motel “Dear Dictator”
[audio:http://www.bandsundertheradar.com/Downloads/5FM/6.mp3|titles=Mumford & Sons + Saint Motel]

Week 7: Portual. The Man “People Say” + “The Dead Dog”
[audio:http://www.bandsundertheradar.com/Downloads/5FM/7.mp3|titles=Portugal. The Man]

Week 8: The Daylights – “Rogue Machine” + “Terra Firma”
[audio:http://www.bandsundertheradar.com/Downloads/5FM/8.mp3|titles=The Daylights]

Week 9: Mikky Ekko – “Sedated” + “Who Are You, Really?”
[audio:http://www.bandsundertheradar.com/Downloads/5FM/9.mp3|titles=Mikky Ekko]

Week 10: Lissie – “Bad Romance” + “When I’m Alone”

Week 11: Wintersleep – “Danse Macabre” + “Black Camera”

Week 12: Blitzen Trapper – “Love and Hate” + “Heaven and Earth”
[audio:http://www.bandsundertheradar.com/Downloads/5FM/12.mp3|titles=Blitzen Trapper]

Week 13: Slow Motion Centerfold – “Vann” + “Alma Rose”
[audio:http://www.bandsundertheradar.com/Downloads/5FM/13.mp3|titles=Slow Motion Centerfold]

Week 14: AWOLNATION – “Burn It Down” + “Sail”

Visit BUTR’s 5FM page to see the complete list of featured artists.