I have a big announcement to make.  After 10+ years in the entertainment biz I’ve officially decided to jump in head first and manage a band.  Those of you that know me know I’m always working on 10 things at once, and adding management to my plate is a huge commitment that I’m not willing to make and a huge risk that I’m not willing to take unless it’s an aritst I really believe in.  Well that artist is Slow Motion Centerfold.

They are a rock band from Nashville, TN comprised of four best friends from childhood (two of whom are brothers) plus a Tyson Beckfordish dude on drums.

The band’s influences are so broad they are hard to pin down musically. Guitar rock revisionists? Keyboard pop song deconstructionists? SMC can play in a lot of different keys. But whatever you want to call the sound, the band brings an intensity to their live shows, driven largely by front man Alex Hall’s high wire antics.

SMC shows can best be described as: Explosive. Animated. Volatile. Melodic. Snappy. Rambunctious. Catchy as “fill in the blank”.

Their debut album titled “Rock The Body Language” was produced by Brian Virture whose list of credits are too long to list but include Jane’s Addiction, Audioslave, 30 Seconds to Mars, & Deftones just to name a few.

GIVE “ROCK THE BODY LANGUAGE” A LISTEN and let me know what you think.  How would you describe their sound?  Who do you think they are influenced by?  The bio is always being edited so maybe I can include your poetic description?