I played a Michael Johns song in February 2005 on Podcast #5 called “Statues” but at that time his band was called The Rising. The band signed to Maverick in 2001 but their debut album, Future Unknown, was never released. Now you can listen to The Rising and buy the album on iTunes.

In October 2006 Michael Johns released his self-titled debut solo album that is best described as “rock with soul” independently. It used to be available for purchase on iTunes but has since been taken down.

Johns auditioned for American Idol in San Diego and is now one of the Top 11 finalists. Watch Michael sing Bohemian Rhapsody below. Cowell honored him with the “best audition of the day” and Seacrest “potentially the best so far”, which was the most positive feedback at this stage in the game ever received.

His top 24 performance of Light My Fire earned him praise as a “true legend rock performer” when Jackson compared him to Michael Hutchence and Cowell added that he has the “natural charisma of a lead singer”.

Watch his top 16 performance of Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds.

Watch his top 12 performance of Across the Universe by The Beatles.

Be sure to tune in and watch Michael Johns on American Idol Tuesday night. He will light the place on fire and make you want to dust off that treadmill!