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Castledoor – Remember When

Follow the Dove – EP – BUY HERE
1. Once upon an Intro
2. Burn the Maps
3. Growing a Garden
4. The Birds and the Fleas
5. What a day, What a day, What an Interlude
6. Magnetic Forces
7. Dove
8. Remember When

I’ve gotten a thousand emails asking who the artist was that I played in Podcast #21. It’s Castledoor and the song is called Remember When. I also played Growing a Garden by Castledoor in Podcast #12. You should check them out on myspace and buy their EP on CD Baby!

Sorry my old podcasts are no longer available and that I’ve been MIA for almost 3 months! But a new podcast is coming soon I promise. From now on I will only be playing music by unsigned bands and indie artists to keep the few haters out there off my back.

I’m bummed not to be playing music by major label artists b/c there are so many great artists on the major labels that no one knows about. Major labels don’t just sign superstars. They also sign developing baby bands but until the RIAA and publishers and major labels come to an agreement it’s murky waters out there. It’s really a shame b/c I know my podcasts result in peeps buying more music. Downloading a song for free from a podcast is not equivalent to stealing the song from a P2P client.

Bottom line is I KNOW peeps are buying more music b/c of podcasts and fans will seek out the easiest way to acquire the new song they just heard and fell in love with! So artists make it really easy for your fans to find buy links on your myspace page and website so they aren’t tempted to steal your music. Let them know your music is for sale. Capiche?

Podcast #22 coming soon…