Bands Under the Radar (BUTR) is a music podcast featuring mostly artists that are flying under the radar.

Each BUTR podcast is available to download as one large mp3 file via iTunes or directly from this website.

I try to announce each artist’s name during song intros and extros.  Individual songs cannot be downloaded.

I encourage listeners to buy the music they hear and like on BUTR.  Plus I link to the artists website and create iMixes if their song is available for purchase on iTunes.

My only intention is to promote good music to people who may not have the time or resources to discover new music on their own.  I am not making any money from this website.  The few donations I get help cover some of my bandwidth costs.

I really believe podcasting exposes people to new music and downloading a music podcast is not the equivalent of downloading individual songs or albums for free.

If there is a song that you feel I should not have played in my podcast please email me at: and I will address your concerns immediately and remove the track if necessary.

Please support podcasting.  I believe it can only help and not hurt artists.